EDAD2001-C electric energy data integrated collection device is an automation product with independent intellectual property right, which is designed and manufactured by ¡°Beijing Yupont¡± integrating over 10 years of successful experiences in the research field of electric energy metering and charge system and nearly 10 years of safe and stable operation records on the charge system of state network and provincial gates; hundreds of the devices have already been put into operation. The product has several features, such as the advanced design, good compatibility, high reliability, stable operation, complete function and high capacity; besides, it adopts the 640¡Á480 TFT color LCD display, full Chinese menu interface and various graphic displays. The whole device is easy to operate with good visual effect.

This product adopts the flexible electric energy collection mode, which can be connected to various kinds of electricity meter by the modes of RS485, RS232, pulse, CS, etc simultaneously to collect energy data, and can also collect the instantaneous flow of voltage, current and power and record the energy metering relevant events, such as by-pass line, the substituting line and the PT loss of pressure. The device fully meets the requirements of DL/T743-2001 "Electric Energy Remote Terminal" standard. A variety of communication protocols can be used for its communication with the main station, including the DL / T 719 "Companion Standard for the Transmission of Electric Energy Accumulation in Electric Power Systems" (idt IEC60870-5-102), the special communication protocol EDAD for ¡°Beijing Yupont¡±, as well as SCTM protocol, etc. It is particularly suitable for the collection, processing, storage and transmission of electric energy data in the electric energy charge system of gate. With high performance and low cost, this device is the ideal choice for the gate electric energy metering and quantity charge system of domestic large-scale power generation, transmission, supply.

Functions and Characteristics

• The 3U and 19¡å standard industrial case makes its installation and application convenient; 
• With the industrial and special CPU with low power consumption and high-performance, the radiator fan is not required; 
• With the dual electronic disc backup technology, it can safely store the data, and the data can be saved for more than 20 years after the power failure; 
• With the dual power configuration, zero clearance switching, and general use of AC and DC, it can ensure the reliable power supply;
• It is with perfect electromagnetic compatibility design and high reliability;
• Collection and measuring points: 256 (it can be expanded to 512 based on the user¡¯s demands); 
• The integration period can be set as:1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes; 
• Data storage capacity: When the integration period is 5 minutes, 256 measurement quantities can be stored for 1 year; 
• Connection types of the electric energy meter: It is able to collect the electric energy meter with the RS485/422, RS232, impulse, CS, and other interface types; 
• Electric energy meter communications protocol: It will be selected based on the electric energy meter demands of users, and the electric energy meters with different communications protocols can be switched in simultaneously, mainly including Actaris SL7000 meter, LANDIS&GYR meter (type Q, U, D, and B), MAXsys2510 meter, Schlumberger Quantum meter, EIG Nexus meter, ABB Alpha meter, ION meter, EDMI meter, ISKRA meter, electric energy meter of Hunan Wasion Company, and other electric energy meters using the DL/T645 convention;
• Types of the data collected from the electric energy meter data: Total electric quantity, time-sharing electric quantity, load curve of the ammeter, periodical frozen electric quantity, max. demands, voltage, current, and power; besides, it also supports the readings of the pressure loss, phase failure, and other alarm event of the ammeter; 
• Data communications with the main station of the electric energy charge system: It is able to communicate with the main stations of nine electric energy charge systems with different communications protocols; besides, it also supports the TCP/IP network protocol; 
• It can automatically set the clock with the main station, with the clock error not larger than 0.5 seconds; 
• It has multiple communication channels: network, PSTN, GPRS, GSM, direct connection, etc.; 
• With the independent dual network card design, it supports two main stations to carry out the simultaneous communications through the independent networks; 
• It supports the remote maintenance and upgrading of the software; 
• It is adopted with the 640¡Á480 colored liquid crystal display screen, all Chinese menu interface, and plentiful graphic display; it is featured by convenient operation and good visual effect; 
• Data statistics inquiry: It is available for the local statistics and inquiry of various electric energy data, non-electric energy data, and event information; 
• Event record: It can record the telecommunications malfunction, hardware equipment malfunction, and variations to different status during operation; in addition, it can also send the malfunction information to the main station; 
• Automatic identification of the bypass circuit: It is with the real-time record of the bypass circuit operation and automatic identification of the bypass circuit operation; 
• Pressure loss alarm function: It can communication with the voltage pressure loss timer as well as record the pressure loss information and send alarm.

Typical Achievements

• The substation with the domestically highest voltage grade¡ª¡ªSoutheast Shanxi -Nanyang -Jingmen 1000kV extra-high voltage AC test and demonstration project
• Heihe Back-to-back Converter Station Project of China¡ª Russia DC Networking
• Charge projects of Gaoling Back-to-back Converter Station of the Northeast State Grid- North China Networking
• National key project¡ª¡ªCharge projects of 500kV substations of Lewan, Xianning, Yueyang, and Anyang of Three-Gorges Transmission and Substation
• Major project of Beijing Olympics¡ª¡ªCharge projects of Beijing Chengbei 500kV substation
• The larges power plant in construction in Asia¡ª¡ªCharge projects of Inner Mongolia Datang Togtoh Power Generation Co., Ltd.
• The largest substation plant of Asia¡ª¡ªCharge projects of Anding 500kV substation
• Charge projects of Xining 750kVsubstation, Guanting 750kV substation and more than 10 330kV substations of Qingtongxia, Guyuan, and Alan of the Northwest grid
• Charge projects of 52 substations in Qinghai Electric Power Corporation
• The rebuilding project of the metering system of Mawan General Power Plant Shenzhen Energy Group



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